In order to utilize the un-tapped market in cold chain logistics, the Company in the year 2005-06, came up with Glacio Cold Chain Logistics and also introduced 40 ft./ 48 ft. container trailers in India in the name and style of Transafe Indo Trailers for carrying white goods like TV, Computer monitor, consumer durables like tyres and commodities like yarn etc. It provides optimum weight volume ratio along with generic safety of container movement. Glacio Cold Chain logistics is a competitive distribution channel used for movement of perishable products, like dairy and poultry products to medicinal items like vaccines through temperature controlled 270 nos. of reefer containers, which are owned by the Company. The logistics division of the Company was operated through its offices at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Further the Company has a fleet of 26 ISO Tanks manufactured with SS316 steel, with insulated jacket and steam-heating facility outside, capable of carrying a very wide gamut of hazardous/ non-hazardous/edible liquid products.

We currently operate in various routes, such as:

  • Delhi/ Kolkata/ Delhi
  • Mumbai/ Kolkata/ Mumbai
  • Mumbai/ Raipur/ Nagpur
  • Mumbai/ Baddi-Mohali-Mumbai
  • Kolkata-Guwahati-Kolkata etc,
In close liaison with our parent company, Balmer Lawrie Logistics division, we provide high degree of professionalism and expertise to carry out a variety of project/ turnkey logistics for various clients, mainly MOD. We also cater to CFS operations for the EXIM cargos through our parent company CFS located at Chennai and Mumbai.

Current business situation
Logistics business 2015-16 has recorded 21% growth YOY. We expected around 10% growth in 2016-17.

Vehicle Details:
Prime Movers: 62
ISO Tank:  26
MS Tank: 07
Indo Trailer: 56
Reefer: 16
Total:  167

Our Customers