1990-91 The Company was incorporated in the name and style of Indian Container Leasing Company Ltd.
  Started its first business operation in the area of leasing of various containers
1993-94 Declared and paid its maiden dividend
1995-96 Transamerica Leasing Inc., USA, joined as one of its joint venture partners, with an equity participation of 27.27%.
2003-04 UTI, SCICI and Transamerica sold off its shares to ICICI Ltd.
2005-06 Introduced cold chain logistics in the name of Glacio Cold Chain logistics
  Introduced 40 ft. /48 ft. Transafe Indo Trailer
  Forayed into the business of manufacturing of Specialty Containers
  The name of the Company was changed to Transafe Services Ltd.
2007-08 Added two Container manufacturing units at Dharuhera, Haryana and Kharagpur, West Bengal
  Started manufacturing various Tank Containers, like, oil/water/milk tanks, car-carrier capsules and other specialty containers for companies/ institutions, such as ONGC, ISRO, private rail operators and defense sector
2008-09 Started manufacturing Bunk Houses, to meet the increase in oil exploration activity.
  ICICI Ltd. sold off its entire share holdings in the Company to Balmer Lawrie & Co. and Balmer Lawrie Van Leer Ltd.